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Browser PageFederal - Bills MonitorThe Bills Monitor is updated throughout every Parliamentary sitting day for the introduction and passage of legislation.
Browser PageFederal - Acts Assented The main purpose of the Bill is to propose appropriations from the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) for the ordinary annual services of the Government in addition to those provided in the 2010-2011 Budget.
Browser PageFederal - ProclamationsThe main purpose is Proclamations of Commonwealth legislation over the year
Browser PageTax RulingsThe main purpose of ATO Rulings for the current year
Browser PageHigh CourtThe main purpose of Judgments or Amendments loaded over the year
Browser PageFederal - Budget Capital Monitor's information on Federal Budgets
Browser PageFederal - ElectionFederal Election Results
Browser PageParliamentary DirectoryThe main purpose of this main is to give a brief detail of the members of the parliament
Browser PageFederal - RegulationsThe page gives a description about the federal regulations
Browser PageFederal CourtFederal Court
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